Bret Wengeler - Juggling at Maximun Comic Velocity
Bret says,

"Here is a video that was taken by an audience member of the 2008 ice show at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. I did the cube as a pre-show while the audience entered the building.  At this performance, it took me just under four minutes to solve the cube while juggling -- not even close to my best time, but not my worst either. Anyway, I never just juggle two balls in one hand while solving the cube in the other. Since I began performing this trick in 2001, there have been imitators and Johnny-come-latelies popping up, who claim to solve the cube while juggling, but either the cube is not scrambled randomly, or they never toss or pass the cube from hand to hand -- and that's cheating, isn't it? I do this for real. It's one of the feats in my show that I am most proud of, and I thank the individual who took and posted this to youtube, and the kind things he said about my act."
This is from a 2001 local news report of Bret solving a randomly scrambled Rubik's Cube while juggling.The footage was picked up by the networks and went nationwide.
Bret invented Shadow Juggling and began performing it in the early 1990's. This video is from an ice show performed in 2002.
The facial expressions really sell this one. It's an audience favorite.
Here is a 2min. 42sec. solve of a randomly scrambled Rubik's Cube while juggling. A video of Bret peforming this live (but harder to see) is at the bottom of the page.
Juggling on ice skates.
More juggling on ice skates.
Headlining on a cruise ship.
On ice, with black light clubs. The camera couldn't pick it up well, but the live audience could, and they loved it.